Welcome To This On Going Experiment
Everything is OK. Remember to relax into this moment. The only real moment is now. It’s always now. Breathe.

If you are looking at this website, you are probably one of the fortunate ones, although it’s easy to forget.

Before focusing on the challenges, have we appreciated what we do have?

We are living in a time of unprecedented luxury and wellbeing. 
We are living for longer and billions of people are enjoying such luxury that only the aristocracy of old enjoyed. 
Most of us have running water, electricity, a roof over our heads, abundant food and in this country (UK), access to free healthcare.
We have huge power at our fingertips with technology and we have the internet, which has opened up information to the masses. 

You’re invited to take a minute now and each day to appreciate your eyes, ears, nose, breath, legs, arms, digestive system, minds, and almost countless blessings.

Notice and feel your own magic.

You are an amazing being.